Artists are loners by tradition, but sometimes it's better to share the proverbial garret. Consider this exhibition by Akron-based artist group Apollonova. Although the eight members featured here function independently and have unique identities, it's clear they derive energy from each other. They even produce work collaboratively. There's no official theme here, but sensuality predominates. Will Felix paints bright floral patterns resembling plain breasts and nipples, but "Shiva," a near-total abstraction, is his most captivating entry. Intensely colorful swirling figures coalesce magically to evoke a curvaceous dancing woman. If this is the female half of the Hindu male god, as the title suggests, it's a daring but also dignified take on a hallowed, age-old subject. Ashley Limbach accomplishes a similar feat with "Serenade." At first glance, this dark oil portrait looks like some gaudy, allegorical relic from the 18th century, complete with cherubs and black velvet draped around the frame. But look closer: That cherub is a naked woman, and the man and woman in the picture are engaged in a rather provocative and modern act. But the most simply pleasing image here is Ursula Rauh's "The Rest Goes Away," and it has nothing to do with sex. It's an acrylic vision of peace, a serene landscape in hallucinogenic shades of smeared yellow and orange. It's the kind of place where Shiva or better yet, Apollo might reside.