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From: Sue Seelie
To: mail@restoreTremont.com
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 7:38 AM
Subject: Material at Tremont Art Walk

I had the pleasure of attending the Art Walk in your charming, funky neighborhood. I was in the company of my mother, a few brothers, teenage nieces and nephews and my 7 year old daughter. I was warned by my sister that some of the work may be inappropriate for Jenna to view. I imagined phallic symbols and such and hoped I would be able to steer her clear of these in a moments notice.

I was not expecting anything like the "art" that I saw at one gallery, I believe it was "asterisk". One small room in the basement had a display of work done in childrens' alphabet blocks. Unfortunately Jenna entered the room first and her eyes immediately widened in shock. I'm not sure what she saw first but I think it was all bad. My eyes first landed on one lovely piece that read "GO F__K YOUR MOTHER".

I'm sure you can imagine what the missing letters are. Who is this demented "artist" and how does he/she manage to get gallery space with such vile crap. Who determines what is considered art? I hope this person doesn't get funds from the NEA. Just what I want my tax dollars going toward, some no-talent, self loathing (and mother hating) loser who can string together cuss words with kids' blocks and call it art.

Thankfully I saw more good art than bad although we were unable to make the rounds to all of the galleries. One gallery had some wonderful paintings of the more interesting architectural features around downtown Cleveland, especially the art deco inspired bridge sentries. One gallery had magnificent oil paintings of snow scenes, beach scenes and wine cellar still scenes (among other skillfully executed paintings). It is refreshing to see that there are still people out there who deserve to be called artists. I'm sure you have no say in what the galleries decide to display as "art" but perhaps you could bring this issue up at one of you neighborhood meetings. I like to think of art in elevated terms, something that requires talent, practice and discipline not something that can just be thrown together by anyone who has the slightest notion to do so.

Just a suggestion.

Thank You,

Sue Seelie
Plano, TX