"All the King's Horses IV"

10/13/2006 - 11/05/2006

An exhibition designed to allow music and art to combine into a unified realization between two creative individuals.

This is the fourth show of its kind and featuring many of the artists who participated in prior shows, the first of which was held in July of 2003 at Doubting Thomas Gallery in Tremont.

This has since become and annual show at ASTERISK GALLERY in Tremont. This show was originally inspired by the work of Black Ark, but this year I've decided to have a different artist do each piece.

I asked several artists to create audio scores to be interpreted visually by other artists through a variety of mediums. These scores were collected, and then randomly assigned to different artists - both local and out of state, (and some participating from both vantage points of the show), to then create a visual representation of these scores.

The titles of the scores and names of the artists were not released during the assignment period. On opening night all titles of all works will be displayed, along with portable CD players at each visual piece. This will enable the viewer listen, while participating with the visual/audio-collective piece.