"No. 2"

New works by Meat - Jeffery Paul Gadbois and Cory Hanson

Memory is our most personal archive. It is fugitive and subjective at best. The state of memory is one of constant change and catalysts are unexpected. The passage of time and perspective gained from experience no doubt colors memories of youth in ways that are telling of the events and the complex mechanics of the mind. My current work is the examination of the change in memories from my childhood to my adulthood. The imagery and emotion of memory is ideal for being portrayed with visual language.

The paintings are oil on paper, board and canvas. The images and compositions are developed from numerous drawings, writing, and changes. The images and subject matter are taken solely from memory. Because the nature of the work is personal they begin to become iconic and codified. The paintings are not strict linear narratives but snapshots of memories tarnished by time. The process of working and reworking the paintings begins to build layers. This action mimics the action of memory. As layers of information are buried new imagery emerges. The admission of these memories is both therapeutic and revelatory. The organic and fugitive state of memory dictates that it is never static nor is it available for perfect retrieval. But the imperfections and unpredictable nature are the reasons I choose to revisit the past.