Works by Saxton Moore, Dave Savage, Carlos Villagra, and Jorge Lacera

Dave Savage
Transplant conjures up images of surgery and B-movies in my head. For the Transplant Show, through art, mind control and indeterminate methods, I will be transplanting my humor, thoughts and imagery into the viewers' heads.

Carlos Villagra
Transplant is what happens when an individual injects themselves in a foreign environment in which he or she has to completely adapt and create a whole new life for him or herself.There is a transformation that takes place when this happens and the residue that is left behind is what I want to portray through my work. Love, purpose, environment, weather and friendship is but a few things that are transplanted and consequently change the person into something different and new. Good or bad this is irrelevant, the process is the only thing that matters.

Being transplanted to me refers to my migration from the warm southern hospitality's of Atlanta to the cold, grey self isolated population of Cleveland and how my life has changed through the process.

trans·plant (trns-plnt') v., -plant·ed, -plant·ing, -plants.