"New works by Stephe DK"

5/11/2007 - 6/6/2007

Stephe DK went to art school for a while but it was really expensive and no one there liked him. There were a lot of pretty girls, though.

He’s finally managed to finish his undergrad studies this year at CSU.

He paints as a result of some subconscious compulsion and usually finds it difficult as a result of overwhelming self- doubt.

He works a low paying and unsatisfying job for a man he doesn’t respect.

Stephe’s art generally acts as a response to how terrible and absurd the world appears to be.

Other than painting, Stephe also sings for a rock and roll band called The New Lou Reeds. They have a song entitled “Bury Me with my Bong.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this art will go to the “Stephe DK Needs a Car” Fund.

Stephe is fairly convinced humanity faces an immanent global economic and environmental collapse.

He painted a mural on the side of Doubting Thomas last summer, but they painted over it.

He really doesn’t like Tremont much.