Works by: Anne Bralliar, Pamela Dodds, and Carol Hummel

5/11/2007 - 6/2/2007

My paintings always reflect my most acutely felt emotions and experiences. When I start a painting, sometimes I am initially driven by wanting to portray an emotion, idea or image. Other times I am inspired by a particular style or by the beauty of the paint or color. I view my process as one of discovery. Every time I paint I like to find something new or enigmatic in my work. This creates in me a sense of excitement that I strive to pass along to the viewer.

I did not formally start painting until I was in my thirties. For years I had been conceptualizing paintings in my mind without understanding or knowing how to express them. I would often search art galleries and museums studying different works in order to further define exactly how I wanted to attempt my own personal expression. This desire led me to experiment in several different mediums until I truly found my artistic equation: acrylic paint and a white canvas. My creative time is in the evening after tucking my son in bed and sharing a glass of wine with my husband. Each night the love of my family leads me into my studio with a smile on my face and a profound inspiration to create. I consider myself fortunate that I have been able to bring to life my own personal vision through art. I feel that creating art has provided me with a spiritual rebirth and has filled the final piece of my life that had been missing for far too

In these large-scale paintings I explore human experience and relationships through figurative imagery. The figures are life-size or larger and are created from imagination in bold flat colours. Although it has an intimate, personal quality, the imagery is not autobiographical but does come out of my thoughts and observations about the world around me. Often the paintings depict ambiguous moments in an interaction between two people, providing an opportunity for the viewer to fill in the story with his or her own interpretation. Recent works depict critical turning points in the lives of their character by frequently using a skewed perspective or imagery of reflections that place the viewer in the role of protagonist.

Originally from Canada, Pamela Dodds graduated from Brandeis University in 1983 and lived in Boston Massachusetts since then, moving to Cleveland in 2004. In Massachusetts and beyond, her paintings have been exhibited regularly in solo and group shows in galleries, museums and public venues. Her work had been reviewed in The Boston Globe, Art New England and other local papers and she has received grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the George Sugarman Foundation as well as a number of residencies and fellowships.

Just as a tree can be distinguished from other woody plants by its characteristic secondary branches which are supported by a single main stem, my diverse body of work is easily identified by its deep personal roots, the threads of which manifest a narrative that is deeply autobiographical while retaining a universally legible message of freedom, beauty, and humor.