Tim Herron - New Works

10/12/2007 - 11/02/2007

Through out my training at the Cooper School of Art and the Institute of Art my instuctors have always pushed me to draw and paint directly from life whenever possible. Only when necessary do I rely on photographic reference such as the underwater 3D painting in this show. This was why I was excited to have the opportunity to draw the disected figures from the Body Works exibit at the Science Center a while back. Each drawing took about four hours to complete. No cameras were allowed in the show. This is my first chance to display these drawings in public. Body Works asked that none of the artwork be displayed in the media out of respect to the families of the models.

In keeping with the theory of drawing directly from life I started drawing at the National History Museum. Here I discovered all these beautiful forms and shapes that nature had created. At first I used my technical drawing skills to reproduce the skeletons in front of me. These were the T-rex's - Jane and Sue (on loan) which were the most exciting to me. Soon my creative side encouraged me to add eyeballs followed by designs incorporating the skeletons. I am still engaged in this series which is evolving as this show is going on.

The 3D art is my example of combining art and humor. I initially did the underwater painting for fun and laughs when my neighbor Mike Pultz casually put on a pair of 3D glasses that had been abandoned with the markers they came with. Turning toward the underwater painting discovered its strong effect. 3Dism was formed!