Get Past by Ron Gundel

06/13/2007 - 07-05-2008

I was asked by a long-time friend and confidant, whom I hadnít seen in some time ďWho are you?í and he walked away. I didnít get it at the time but it wasnít that didnít remember me; it was that I hadnít shown any work in several years. This work is in response to his question. Because it has been some time I felt I had to take a step back and Ďflesh-outí previous ideas and works in order to move forward.

Iíve always worked in some type of construction and use this as a base for my work. It could be the materials, architectural elements, or apparatuses used in construction; plaster, wood, doors, portals, walls, trim, sawhorses, bracing, shoring, that I use as reference to myself.